Music Blog – 17/03/2017 Releases – The Cousins and Conor Oberst

I'm going to start this week's blog with a confession - the Barenaked Ladies are my all time favourite band. Having said that, I'm not one of these "they can do no wrong" fanboys and I am more than capable of giving criticism when it is due - for example the last 2 albums have... Continue Reading →


Music Blog – 24/02/2017 Releases

First up this week is John Mayer's EP "The Search for Everything - Wave 2", the second installment of his new album which he is releasing 4 songs at a time. As I said in my previous blog,  I like John Mayer. I think he’s a very talented musician, and his “Where The Light Is…” live... Continue Reading →

Music Catch Up 2017

Since, in my wisdom, I decided to launch this Blog at the end of February, I have almost 2 months worth of music to run through. I will keep this as brief as I can as there's a lot to get through. The first Friday in January saw more of the same from Boston based faux-Irish punk rockers... Continue Reading →

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