Music Blog – 24/03/2017 Releases – Steel Panther, Creeper, Me And That Man and Samantha Crain album reviews

Those of you who are familiar with Steel Panther should know exactly what to expect from their new album, Lower The Bar - big, overblown, 80s-style hard rock parodying the 1980s parties, drugs and groupies LA hair metal scene. This album is no different. Even before pressing play for the first time, the artwork and tracklisting ("Goin... Continue Reading →


Music Blog – 24/02/2017 Releases

First up this week is John Mayer's EP "The Search for Everything - Wave 2", the second installment of his new album which he is releasing 4 songs at a time. As I said in my previous blog,  I like John Mayer. I think he’s a very talented musician, and his “Where The Light Is…” live... Continue Reading →

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